Excelerate Energy, Inc. (NYSE: EE) is changing the way the world accesses cleaner, more affordable and reliable energy by delivering regasified natural gas, benefitting hundreds of millions of people around the world. From our founding, we have focused on providing flexible liquefied natural gas (‘‘LNG’’) solutions to emerging markets in diverse environments across the globe, providing a lesser emitting form of energy to markets that often rely on coal as their primary energy source.

We have grown our business significantly since our first floating storage and regasification unit (‘‘FSRU’’) charter in 2003, and today, we are a profitable energy company with a geographically diversified business model. Our business spans the globe, with regional offices in eight countries and operations in the United States, Brazil, Argentina, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan and Bangladesh. We are the largest provider of regasified LNG in Argentina and Bangladesh and one of the largest providers of regasified LNG in Brazil and Pakistan, and we operate the largest FSRU in Brazil. In each of these countries, we provide a cleaner energy source from which power can be generated consistently.

Our integrated LNG solutions are designed to avoid the roadblocks that routinely hinder the development of terminal, gas and power projects in markets worldwide. We offer the countries in which we operate enhanced energy security and independence, while playing a vital role in advancing their efforts to lower carbon emissions and comply with the Paris Agreement on climate change. As a pioneer in flexible LNG solutions, we are well positioned to support society’s transition to a lower-carbon energy future.

Importantly, we are focused on providing superior returns to our shareholders as a vertically integrated energy company committed to addressing the lack of access to cleaner energy around the world. We intend to achieve this objective by continuing to develop our existing, diversified regasification business, pursuing opportunities downstream of existing markets, leveraging our global presence to enter new and growing markets, creating a sizable, diversified LNG procurement portfolio, and maintaining our disciplined investment philosophy.